1. Too Much Pressure / Too Much Version (Re-Mastered)

  2. Trample / See The Light
    Queen Omega / Gladys Right

  3. Ngoni Dub / Kora Dub - Africa01 Re-press

  4. Vinyl bundle 1 (Limited Offer) (Merch Only)

  5. Vinyl bundle 2 (Limited Offer) (Merch Only)

  6. Planet Casio X Dub / Dub Casio X (Re-Mastered)

  7. Gladys Right - See The Light
    Gladys Right

  8. Wild

  9. Running Around / Summer Fires Dub
    Gladys Right / I-mitri

  10. TEST PRESSES - Running Around / Summer Fires Dub - COUNT008 TP
    Gladys Right / I-mitri

  11. Be Wise

  12. Raw DUBplate Instrumental VOL2 - Digital Rub-A-Dub

  13. Raw DUBplate Instrumental VOL1 - UK Dub Steppers

  14. Upright and Splendid
    I-mitri + Rainbow Coalition

  15. Can't See The Sky / The Movement
    Rainbow Coalition Feat. I-mitri

  16. Chant / Dub Chant (Rasheda Lioness Music)
    Rasheda / CounterAction Warriors

  17. Check Out The Dread

  18. Lift up Your Head
    Huzzman ft I-mitri

  19. Only Jah

  20. Light & Salvation
    I-mitri meets Huzzman

  21. Violence and Crime
    Gra8755 feat. I-mitri

  22. Marching To Zion
    Jah Mystic

  23. Smiling Dub / Macka
    CounterAction Warriors / Jah Mystic

  24. Asian Rockers / Jah Mystical Steppah
    The Dub Factory / Jah Mystic

  25. Captive

  26. Look How Long / Stand Up And Praise H.I.M.
    CounterAction Warriors Feat. Izyah Davis / Jah Mystic

  27. Meditations On Ambition
    I-mitri Feat. Jah Marnyah

  28. (Babylon) Illusions / Marching To Zion
    CounterAction Warriors / Jah Mystic

  29. Stand Up Strong / I-tinual Meditation
    CounterAction Warriors / Jah Mystic

  30. Heartful Man

  31. Where We're From / All Tribes Together
    CounterAction Warriors / Jah Mystic

  32. Meditations On Ambition (Original 2006 Version) (Dubplate)


I-mitri CounterAction Leicester, UK

CounterAction, Not A Blind Reaction

CounterAction is a UK roots reggae/dub label.

It aims to provide a vehicle for positive, educational, spiritual creative musical expression contributed by singers and players principally from Leicester and the UK (but not only), particularly taking notice of artists that perhaps have not had enough or as much exposure as deserved.

A true counterAction.
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